What Are The Top 3 Most Common Industrial Roofing Types?


If you own an industrial warehouse, you know its construction differs from any other type of building, be it residential or for storage and distribution.

For this reason, it is essential to consider the industrial roofing types available and their characteristics. This way, you’ll make the best decision for your business.

Today we’ll discuss 3 of the most common. But first…

What Should You Consider When Choosing Industrial Roofing?

First of all, the external factors:

  • Solar heating
  • The noise that can be generated by rain or hail
  • Wind or snow load

Then, remember that the conditions inside the building also influence:

  • Humidity by condensation of water vapor on the wall or ceiling
  • Air drafts inside the building
  • Excess heat or cold on the property
  • Noise generated by machinery

Now, let’s continue exploring the top 3 industrial roofing types.

Deck Roofing


Deck covers are among the most popular and the favorites of many since they are excellent thermal insulators and offer great waterproofing capacity. They are made of metallic support or forged concrete in a multilayer system.

It is more typically used in the construction or logistics industry and shopping centers, thanks to its high quality and long life cycle.

With this system, we avoid thermal bridges and guarantee water tightness on the surface and in the joints, which are the weakest elements of the roof.

Sandwich Panel Roofing

This roofing is the most used for industrial buildings, dealerships, or similar businesses. It is installed quickly and adapts very well to inclined surfaces, offering perfect insulation.

This layer of thermal insulation protects very well from noise and cold and prevents the appearance of condensation. It is an excellent example of energy efficiency.

Metal Sheet Roofing

These roofings are constructed more simply since they are composed of a single layer. However, they offer customization possibilities, depending on the needs of the client who requests it.

It is a perfect roofing for buildings that only require a little insulation, such as agricultural holds.

A metal roof should seal out water, withstand high winds, evacuate snow quickly, and resist fire, fungus, and rot if installed correctly.

Not Sure Which One Is Best For You? Let Us Help You!

Remember that each roofing is intended for different uses, so it is essential to have a professional’s opinion before installing it. At IPE, we will be happy to assist you if you are looking for industrial waterproofing or industrial roof restoration services.

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