Meet all our specialized services

Everyone of our systems is design specifically to generate the most welfare possible to your buildings and guaranty a safe and optimal space for those who work there. That´s why in IPE we are committed with giving and applying all our products and services based on the quality standards.


All types of waterproofing systems to meet the needs of your projects.

Industrial coatings

Concrete floors require additional protection suitable for the processes of each industry.

Structural reinforcement

We use carbon fiber non-invasive reinforcement of concrete structures.

Seismic joints

Construction joints to bind structures with previously defined movements.

Passive fire protection

Life-saving intumescent and fire-retardant sealants and coatings.

Roof protection and restoration


Roof maintenance is a must have for the safety and wellness of your company because it gives the needed protection without the need of stopping operations.

In IPE, we take care of your building and employees with our services of roof restoration and industrial water proofing in hands of experienced professionals.

Waterproofing and restoration specialists

Trained and certified professionals in the field

With over 25 years of experience in industrial roofing service and industrial waterproofing solutions, at IPE, we are a Mexican company dedicated to providing specialized systems for protection and safety processes.

Everyone in IPE is qualified and certified to give an integral service of excellence focusing in the branch of roof restoration, such as other related services.


Commitment to quality in every project

With more than 25 years in the waterproofing industry, we are focused on meeting your project’s requirements with our professional roofing services and other solutions to provide the quality and reinforcement you deserve.

We know that you have requirements to fulfill in your organization to protect your facilities and collaborators. That’s why we have the right solutions for your industrial project.

Get to know our services and start with safety for your industrial project. We are IPE, waterproofing and specialized products.

IPE Process

In addition, we follow a successful strategy in every project we work on, always following safety and quality parameters.


We check if the client's request is within the services we provide.


We elaborate the solution proposal with the client's specifications and the technical diagnosis together with the technical-economic proposal for the client's approval.


Once the proposal is approved, we generate the work program that contains resources such as material, equipment, time, procedure, and performance standard.


Application of controls, delivery of progress, execution of quality tests, handling of non-conformities, and application of corrective-preventive actions.


Creation of files, quality validation, delivery of guarantees, added value, formal closing of the work, verification of the level of customer satisfaction.
We are different

Why choose IPE for my project?

Our commitment is to the project, and our priority is customer service since we have features that make the difference and the added value of our solution.

We also believe that complete replacement is a thing of the past; with solutions such as roof maintenance and industrial waterproofing, we provide the security and protection you need for your company, facilities, and employees.
When it's essential to do it right, we are waterproofing solutions and products specialized in protecting your structures, whether it is your industrial building, project, or company.