Waterproofing and specialized products

25 years in the industry, we have a full-service portfolio which the ideal solutions for your needs.

Focused on the industrial branch, we bring you the full service of maintenance and roof restoration. Keeping up with your safety is our priority.

Waterproofing Specialist

Over 25 years of experience

We are IPE, a Mexican company that gives specialized services and solutions in the industrial branch. Trained and the constant growth, we work using management process in the installation of our services as well as in our reliable commercial partnerships selection that adjust to the specific necessities of each client.
Everyone in our team is trained to be updated with all the trends regarding maintenance of industrial roofs. As well we have the infrastructure and equipment to meet all the necessities of your company.
Our purpose

We support the creation of safe spaces that generate well-being to its inhabitants, exceeding customer expectations.


To be a benchmark of quality, service, commitment, and reliability.

Meeting our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations

IPE’s values

We strongly believe in customer service as our priority. We also take into account all the infrastructure, as well as the internal and external requirements of the project.

IPE's Projects

Tested experience

With more than 25 years in the field and more than 1,500 projects we are one of the most stable and long-lived companies in the northwest of Mexico where the quality assurance is the base of our management philosophy.


We are committed to building relationships that transcend borders

We provide assistance, guidance, and implementation of our solutions throughout Mexico, strategically located to serve you in your region.

Outstanding results


Our main objective is the total satisfaction of our clients. That is why we have the 11+plus program, giving you our added value and what makes us unique in the industry.

We know that accidents can happen, so we provide insurance of up to 20 million Mexican pesos for all projects

We have certified operative personnel to provide each of our services

  • Certificate of Attendance by AD FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS
  • Certificate of Completion by EMSEAL
  • WBA-Watson Bowman Acme Corp
  • Recognition of Specialty Flooring Installers S.A. of C.V. by Sika Mexicana S.A. of C.V.
  • Watson Bowman Acme Expansion Control Joints Certificate by BASF The Chemical Company
  • Certified Applicator Approved by Master Builders Solutions
  • Contractor’s Statement Licensed by BASF Creamos química
  • Certification of a specialist in structural reinforcement of concrete buildings by the Mexican Institute of Cement and Concrete A.C.
  • Certificate of Attendance by BASF Mexican S.A. of C.V. Construction Chemical Division
Committed to providing quality service, we have a manifesto in which we ensure customer service 24 hours a day.
Each of our suppliers has quality certificates in the elaboration of their products.
We provide each of our customers with written warranties, protecting their investment and backing it up with quality.
As a reference in the construction industry, we have more than 25 years of experience working on emblematic projects throughout the country.
Your opinion is important to us! We have detailed satisfaction surveys to keep improving.
The proper follow-up of each project after its delivery is essential to us, providing security at all times.
We provide our clients with maintenance policies, extending the useful life of their facilities.
To offer excellence and continuous improvement services, all our operations, systems, and processes are standardized to provide excellence and continuous improvement services.
We promote projects that contribute to the progress and improvement of society.
Choose IPE


We validate each of our processes by applying controls that allow us to guarantee the quality of our metal roof restoration system, complying with the standards required by the industry.
We take every project, every job very seriously. At IPE, we aim to provide you with an adequate protection system for your company, including waterproofing and specialized products.