Industrial Roofing Repair: Three Myths And Ther True Facts


Do you know that Industrial roofing repair is a must-do process to extend the useful life of a facility while reducing the probability of needing a complete or partial replacement?

Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the ceilings by qualified staff is an excellent way to save time, stress, and money.

But before planning a rehabilitation procedure, it is essential to be aware of some myths regarding industrial roofing repair that are worth clarifying to perform the maintenance your building needs.

Let´s explore them.

3 Myths And Realities Of Industrial Tech Maintenance.


Myth #1: the first maintenance of an industrial ceiling must be carried out after 10 years.

Fact: The first inspection must be done after two or three years of operation. Then, the recommendation is to do it at least once a year.

Myth #2: Painting the battered parts of the roof is one way to maintain it.

Fact: Applying paint or polyurethane foam to a roof should always be the last option. Doing it only masks the problem but does not protect or make industrial waterproofing systems more resistant.

If you decide to do it, you must ensure that the shelter is clean and in optimal condition. To repaint, use paints recommended by your roofing contractor. Also, remember that once painted, the roofs will require a more frequent renovation than before.

Myth #3 – You can wash and waterproof your industrial roof to save money.

Fact: Caution! The incorrect or excessive use of cleaning agents can damage the coating, worsening the damage that could present to your roof.

In addition, to detect even the slightest problem, it is recommended to use a high-pressure industrial washer at 130 atmospheres.

Therefore, you should always contact an industrial roofing company that carries out an appropriate diagnosis, a maintenance, restoration, or replacement plan, and regular inspections in the future.

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